Rebel Risen


book two of the stolen son quartet

The Trinity is back.

After losing her entire family during The Revelation ten years prior, Lauren is fleeing The Trinity of the First Families once more, this time with her best friends at her side. With authoritative West leading the way, Lauren, Olivia, and Sam slowly make their way south toward the elusive rebellion hidden deep within the Florida Everglades. But added to their nomadic crew is Max Miller, Lauren's childhood friend and a suspiciously lucky amnesiac who dug himself deep into Lauren's heart after suddenly reappearing at her old encampment.

With her suspicions (and feelings for Max) growing, Lauren sticks by his side through skirmishes with wild Freemen, barbaric rebel scouts, in-fighting over loyalties and prejudices, and the ever-looming threat of violence from The Trinity — but is she risking it all for a man who may not be who he says he is? What will happen if (or when) he remembers who she is?

The sequel to 2018's STOLEN SON transports the refugees from the snowy forests of North Carolina to the dangerous swamps of South Florida. By the end of their journey, facades will crumble, allegiances will reach their breaking point, and betrayals will bloom where they are least expected.

Summer 2019